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Client Case Study: The Impossible Shutters – Dorothy Furye, Aberdeenshire

Case Study The Impossible Shutters

When Dorothy Furye got in touch with our shutter and blind experts in 2018, she’d already been turned down by other local companies.

Dorothy wanted to know if it was possible to have shutters installed on her windows – a reasonable request. But several businesses had told her it was going to be impossible. 

Of course, what Dorothy wanted wasn’t impossible – it just required attention to detail and an expert eye…

Located in Aberdeenshire, Dorothy and her partner, Neil, wanted a set of shutters for several awkwardly shaped windows. 

As Dorothy was a five-hour round trip away from our Dundee showroom, we opted to visit her property in a home appointment to advise and get a clearer picture of her needs.

Case Study: The Impossible ShuttersFunctional Shutters Made Possible

Our Technical Director, David D’Ambrosio, attended Dorothy’s appointment, curious to see why she’d been turned down previously. 

The windows Dorothy wanted to treat with shutters were a mixed bag and included:

  • A trapezoidal gable window
  • 4 tall side windows
  • 2 patio doors that would need French Door cut-outs
  • 2 bay windows in a bedroom
  • Rectangle shutters in various other rooms

It was clear what David needed to do – start measuring meticulously and diligently!

By the end of the appointment, David had carefully taken over 200 measurements. There were several hurdles to overcome, though. 

Dorothy and Neil’s home was a new build with traditional styling, so colour matching the paint was essential to preserve that clean appearance. 

We also needed to find the perfect balance of privacy and visibility.  Their home was beautifully located overlooking the beach and the North Sea. However, there was a closeby footpath that the pair wanted some cover from.

But we were up to the challenge! Finding solutions for awkward windows is what we specialise in! 

Case Study: The Impossible Shutters

Dorothy’s Scenic Result

With our smart CAD systems and accurate measurements, we were able to create the perfect solution. We gave Dorothy a transparent quote that didn’t have any hidden ‘extras’ and talked her through her options within 2 days of her home visit.

She found out her windows weren’t impossible to cover after all! 

After letting Dorothy know her options and sending an introductory video so she could get to know our family-run team, she had some questions, which we answered quickly via email.

Happy with everything we’d described and confident in our experience, Dorothy and Neil decided to pay in full on ordering, even though we usually only require a 50% deposit. 

Case Study: The Impossible ShuttersClear Communication & A Seamless Experience 

We kept Dorothy in the loop during the manufacturing of her bespoke shutters, and we were already looking ahead to the main event – installation…

We brought a team of 4 expert fitters on installation day in 2 vans. Working on separate rooms in teams, the entire job was completed within just 7 hours. Dorothy was delighted, so much so that she surprised us all with lunch!

David demonstrated how to use all the shutters and ensured Dorothy and Neil were delighted.

Now, Dorothy enjoys her 89mm louvres in the Fiji design. This gorgeous lightweight hardwood style affords privacy from passers-by while still making the most of the scenic views.. 

The pictures we took of Dorothy’s final result are a key part of our portfolio. We still look back on this project as a proud moment for the team at the Scottish Shutter Company.

Feel Like You Have Impossible Windows?

Even if you haven’t had multiple companies tell you your windows will be impossible to cover, finding shutters can still feel daunting.

If this case study has taught us anything, it’s that expert care and tried-and-true systems can solve any problem. Dorothy was able to get the shutters her home needed, and we provided an enjoyable experience along the way. 

We’d love to take on the challenge if you feel like you have impossible windows. Book your home visit or showroom appointment here.


Picture of David Browne

David Browne

David is Co-Founder and Project Director at the award-winning, Best Family Business 2020 – the Scottish Shutter Company. David has over 35 years’ experience in running and growing small businesses.




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