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Can Window Shutters Be Painted?

Can Window Shutters Be Painted

It’s a question we get asked all the time – can window shutters be painted?

On the face of it, it’s a simple question with an obvious answer – of course, window shutters can be painted; after all, get a can of paint and a paintbrush, and pretty much anything can be painted. Perhaps the better question is, ‘Should window shutters be painted?’ or, ‘Is it wise for me to paint my window shutters?’… Now, that’s quite a different thing.

Window Shutters: The Ultimate Window Covering

Before we discuss the details of repainting your window shutters, let’s consider what makes them so great!

  • Incredible Light Control—Many people choose shutters over other traditional window coverings, such as curtains, because of their edge-to-edge fit and perfect light control.
  • Insulation Properties—Shutters do more to keep the warmth in during the cold months and the heat out in the blazing sunshine than any other window covering. They’re good for your comfort and your energy bills! Not only that, but they add a level of soundproofing that blinds and curtains cannot possibly match.
  • Privacy – No more nosey neighbours, shutters offer the ultimate control over your privacy.
  • Beauty – There’s no denying it; shutters look fabulous! The clean aesthetic fits in perfectly with any home, with a range of colours and styles to suit any theme.

Why People Ask if Window Shutters Can Be Painted

We blame YouTube! Or TikTok! Or any other video feed…

We live in an age of ‘hacks’, a continuous social media stream of people finding ingenious solutions and shortcuts to home improvements. While the results are often less than impressive, there are plenty of people out there who manage to achieve incredible effects.

Of course, people think they can do it themselves. The encouragement and enticement are right there. If you want to update the interior of your home, perhaps a change of colour or even that splash of personal touch would be everything you want to make your house perfect…

That’s why we’re not surprised when people ask us if window shutters can be painted. It’s not entirely unreasonable, especially if their shutters are showing signs of wear or were poor quality in the first place.

But let’s return to the question – it’s not ‘Can window shutters be painted?’ but’ Should I paint my window shutters?’

 Can Window Shutters Be Painted

Should Window Shutters Be Painted (by DIY enthusiasts)?

Let’s ask a different question: should you paint your car?

For most people, the idea of painting their brand-new Audi or Tesla makes them shudder. Immediately, the image of a DIY hack botch job fills their minds: poor quality finish, awful non-matching colours, the fact that they might get the outside of the door but still have the old paint on the inside, and damage to the car itself.

In fact, unless you’re a professional car resprayer (or are into turning your old camping van into the Scooby-Doo Mystery Machine), the idea of taking a spraycan to your car is completely horrifying.

We feel exactly the same way about a DIY repaint of professional shutters.

So, can window shutters be painted? No! Emphatically no!

Let’s take a look at why:

Shutter Coating

Shutters are professionally coated and treated at the time of manufacture. To protect them from fading, six layers of high-quality paint or wood stain are applied, including a final UV layer.

The finish is flawless and highly durable. That’s why we always suggest buying quality shutters over cheap shutters—the finish can last decades, saving you the cost of replacing them.

Shutter Movement

Paint can make the louvres stick together and hinder the shutters’ operation, reducing their smooth movement and making even the simple act of opening and closing them difficult.


As mentioned above, your professionally coated shutters have a layer of UV resistance, which you’ll cover over if you paint on it. Without that protection, your shutters can fade and crack from sun damage and day-to-day use.

Damage to the Fit

You might even be tempted to take them off the wall to paint them – not a good idea. Removing the shutters from the windows can invalidate the 5-year perfect fit warranty, and if your rehanging is even slightly off, then the all-encompassing light control that’s so important to your shutters will be compromised. It’s even worse if you try to take them apart further – and the warranty will definitely be voided.


Unless you are extremely experienced, the chance that you’ll produce a smooth finish across the shutters is unlikely, and even then, it won’t be to the quality achieved by experts working in a professional setting. Sadly, you are more likely to harm the overall look of your shutters than improve it in any way.


In the end, you’ll not save money, and you’ll likely become upset, frustrated, and exhausted from the experience. If your shutters do need revitalising, it’s probably more cost-effective to just replace them.

When it comes to window shutters, it’s never good to cut corners. Don’t buy cheap shutters from the internet, as there can be numerous problems. With quality shutters, you’ll never want to paint them anyway.

Why Our Professionally-Finished Shutters Eliminate the Need for Painting

There should be no need to paint your shutters! At the Scottish Shutter Company, we fit professionally finished, long-lasting shutters that will retain their beautiful shine for many years.

  • Unmatched durability – With high-quality UV-resistant coatings, shutters from the Scottish Shutter Company last for years longer than any paint job – especially in the Scottish climate!
  • Peace of mind—Our shutters come with a 5-year warranty on both the shutters and the coating, so if anything does happen, you can relax knowing we’ll fix it.
  • Low maintenance – Professionally finished shutters can be cleaned easily and simply. They won’t chip or scratch and certainly never need repainting.
  • Timeless style—At SSC, we offer an exceptionally wide variety of standard colours, so you’ll find the perfect accompaniment for your home without having to resort to repainting. But if there’s no direct match, our custom colour-matching service guarantees that your existing decor will complement it. 

The Scottish Shutter Company’s Top Tips For Picking Shutters That Last

  1. Buy the best quality you can afford – an online ‘bargain’ often costs more in the long run.
  2. If in doubt, pick a timeless neutral colour – it’ll go with the decor of any period, from traditional cottages to contemporary loft apartments.
  3. Be sure you’ll always love your colour—avoid picking a colour just because it’s a current trend, as these can become outdated, and you may fall out of love with them.
  4. Visit a showroom – it’s important to see shutters in person as the online images are limited; try seeing the fine nuance between ’silk white’ and ‘pure white’ for example!
  5. Get them professionally fitted. Experience and expertise go a long way in ensuring your shutters are perfect for your home; avoid the DIY fitting!

 Can Window Shutters Be Painted

Can Window Shutters Be Painted – The Decision

Yes, you can paint window shutters…but no, you shouldn’t! Not if you want to maintain their style, functionality, and longevity.

Taking the time to engage with a professional shutter company will ensure your home is both beautiful and comfortable. Book an appointment with the Scottish Shutter Company and let us work with you to give you the dream home you’ve always wanted.

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