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Built-In Wardrobe Shutters – Everything You Need To Know

Haven’t heard of built-in wardrobe shutters? Looking for a stylish and practical fitted wardrobe door? What about shutters? Shutters aren’t just for your windows – the highly versatile design of shutters means that they work very well as doors.

This comprehensive guide will explore how shutters can make your built-in wardrobes more functional and stylish. We’ll also cover the details, everything from cost to options. 

All you need to know is right below!

What Are Wardrobe Shutters?

Built-in wardrobe shutters offer a clever approach to interior design, offering bespoke, elegant and practical solutions for fitted wardrobe doors. These shutters can be created to your exact requirements for a seamless fit that combines functionality with aesthetics. 

Coming in various styles, wardrobe shutters can accommodate almost any taste and style, tailored to work perfectly with the rest of your home’s design preferences.

Regarding choices, the Scottish Shutter Company offers several attractive options that will catch your eye.

The Antiqua style provides a classic and timeless look. This clean, uncluttered appearance is the most similar to what you might typically expect a wardrobe door to look like. This makes it an unassuming but all the more stylish option. 

The Bermuda shutters also offer a touch of elegance with their louvred design, allowing for controlled ventilation and adding a sense of airiness to your space. 

On the other hand, our Fiji shutters let you strike a careful balance between the louvres and solid panel designs, making for a versatile and smart-looking finish. 

The Java shutter is not limited to bedroom wardrobes alone. Because it is made of water-resistant, tough ABS, it can be used in kitchens and bathrooms where splashes and moisture can be expected.

These shutters are made-to-measure for you, ensuring a perfect fit for your built-in wardrobe shutters. Plus, our colour-matching feature means we can let your shutters match perfectly with existing interior decor for a harmonious, seamless space. 

Why Choose Shutters For Your Wardrobe?

Our clients choose shutters for their built-in wardrobes for a number of reasons. Here are just a few…


The feature that sets wardrobe shutters apart is their immense capacity to add ventilation. Traditional wardrobe doors provide an almost airtight effect, trapping moisture, bad smells and stale air. Shutter doors with a louvred style (like Bermuda) allow air to circulate within the wardrobe. This means fresher, better smelling and better cared for clothing and storage space.


Built-in wardrobe shutters give you more than just functional advantages. They bring a touch of sophistication, purposeful design and thoughtful style to your bedroom. In fact, so many styles are available, made to your requirements, that you’re certain to find the ideal fit for your aesthetic preferences. There’s a shutter for everyone, whether you prefer classic, elegant or modern looks.

Maximise Space

Do you have a tricky or small space for your wardrobes? Shutters can solve the common problem of awkwardly opening wardrobe doors that block other doors or get in the way. The design options of bi-folding or by-pass shutters maximise the amount of available space in your bedroom. When you can fold or slide your wardrobe shutters, you can make the most of the space in a room.

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Where Can You Use Built-in Wardrobe Shutters?

Built-in wardrobe shutters offer the kind of versatility you can use far beyond the bedroom storage. They are a perfect option for wardrobe doors, but their design makes them innately adaptable, making shutters an ideal choice throughout your home. Here are a few ideas of where you might use shutters as doors…

Under stairs

Your under-stairs space is often under-used or forgotten. With a built-in storage space, you can utilise shutters to keep your understairs looking neat, tidy and attractive. They can transform a dreary corner of your hallway into a stylish feature that also introduces a practical storage solution.


Shutters are ideal for your kitchen larders or pantry spaces. They can provide a sleek and organised look you’ll love interacting with daily. You can even match the shutters with the existing kitchen decor for a unified look. 


Are you unsure what to do with your living room alcoves? Alcoves present a common design challenge for homeowners who want more from their space but need an elegant solution. Wardrobe shutters give you the best of both worlds: added storage and a stylish look. Shutters can be custom-made to fit the dimensions of your alcove storage precisely for an even more seamless finish.

Media Units

If you’re looking for a simple yet sophisticated way to hide electronics or cables, then integrating your shutters into your media units can help you do just that. Shutters maintain a clean-cut appearance without mess or untidiness and create a more cohesive feeling for your entertainment space.

Bathrooms & Kitchens

With the Java shutters in particular, you can make even unconventionally used spaces in your bathrooms and kitchens more usable and visually appealing. Consider adding a touch of luxury to your bathroom cupboards to get those shampoo bottles out of sight without ever worrying about your water-resistant shutters. 

How Much Do Built-In Wardrobe Shutters Cost?

Usually, the cost of built-in wardrobe shutters will vary based on various factors. These include shutter type, size and quantity, and any special finishes or additional requests. As a general estimate, prices typically start from £280 per square metre. But it’s a good idea to consult with professionals to get an accurate quote tailored to your specific preferences and needs.

When you’re considering the cost of your wardrobe shutters, consider the long-term benefits you’ll reap day after day. Their durability, easy maintenance, timeless appeal, and incredible functionality make them a worthwhile investment for your home.

Made-To-Measure, Built-In Wardrobe Shutters For Your Home…

Wardrobe shutters can elevate your home’s style while providing essential ventilation for the wardrobe’s contents. Upgrade your style with built-in wardrobe shutters while maximising space, improving ventilation, and creating a unique look.

Download our comprehensive brochure today to explore the full range of wardrobe shutter styles and options, and start transforming your living space today…

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