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Blindspace Blind Concealment

Blindspace Blind Concealment Typical Layout

Blindspace Blind Concealment

Here at The Scottish Shutter Company, we’ve been fitting shading systems of all types and sizes for thirty-four years.

Big Windows

However, in the last couple of years, we’ve noticed that the windows we’re fitting blinds to are getting bigger.

Blindspace Concealed BlindsGlazed panels are becoming more extensive.

We now come across a lot of new-build homes with ceiling to floor glass.

Ceiling to floor glass looks impressive, and there’s usually a stunning view beyond.

The Challenge

However, until recently, we would occasionally come up against a challenge.

You’ve just got the keys to your new-build, with architect-designed ceiling to floor glass and you realise that something is missing –  shading system.

However, any shading system we provide will be permanently visible even when the shading system is retracted. And, if the shading system is motorised, there a distinct possibility that you may see the wiring as well.

Blindspace Blind Concealment

That was the case until Blindspace Blind Concealment came along.

Blindspace Concealment Boxes are intended to be installed during the construction phase of a project and allow window blinds to be concealed once fitted and fully retracted.

Four Variants of the Blindspace Box

The Blindspace box has four variants depending upon the type of flanges required, and this should be specified at the time by the architect/designer.

The Regular Box has two flanges, the Idle Corner and Hinge Corner Boxes have only one flange, and the No Flange option comes with no flanges.

Blindspace boxes are available in white in 4000mm lengths. Blindspace Boxes can be joined to create longer runs using a splice pack. End plates are also available.

Your Choice of Colour

Custom painting, to any RAL colour, can be accommodated as a chargeable option.

Detailed CAD Drawings

Blindspace CAD Drawing

Blindspace boxes are intended to be specified by the architect/builder. We can provide assistance with this, including providing detailed CAD drawings in both .pdf and .dwg format for direct inclusion into the project.

A Word of Warning

Care must be taken to ensure that the vertical plane centreline of the intended blind is fully considered before ordering and subsequent fitting into the ceiling structure. The blinds must have no obstructions from objects which may be fitted at a later stage such as door handles.

Blindspace mounting surfaces must be flat, and we would recommend allowing for a 3mm tolerance in the recess space for ease of installation.

Room Darkening

Room Darkening with Blindspace Concealment BoxesIf you are looking for the ultimate in room darkening, then we have Blindspace Side Boxes and Floor Boxes, which, when coupled with a dim-out blind, will help to really darken your room.

Supplying Architects and Contractors throughout Scotland

The Scottish Shutter Company provides Blindspace boxes on a supply only basis to a specification created by the architect or builder. We are unable to provide measuring or installation services for this product.

Future-Proof Your Designs

With incomparable attention to detail, Blindspace products offer you solutions to future-proof buildings and to conceal blinds in any type of window, gable or skylight. Our patent-pending solutions can be installed in any direction to conceal blinds of any size.

Designed to Disappear

The hidden space inside the wall or ceiling can be prepared for manual or electric blinds and accessed for blind installation when construction work is completed. From the smallest windows to massive doors and skylights, our solutions are made to make any blind disappear. The alternative is often surface-mounted products with visible side channels, cables or cords.

‍If you have the option, why wouldn’t you?

Blindspace Pelmets

Oh, and if you’ve just found out about Blindspace Blind concealment and your ceiling walls are already finished, then there’s a product for you too – the Blindspace Pelmet.

Blindspace Pelmet
Blindspace Pelmet

The Blindspace Pelmet can be used not only when it’s too late to install Blindspace Concealment Boxes but also when it’s not possible to incorporate the Blindspace Boxes

into the design. Usually, because there’s a steel beam, right where we want the box to go. 🥴

As with the Blindspace Boxes, our Blindspace Pelmets come in white as standard but can be painted any RAL colour.

Typical Custom Designed & Painted Blindspace Pelmet

Virtual Call

David Browne - Project Director at The Scottish Shutter Company

You can set up a virtual call with our Project Director, David Browne, who will answer any questions you may have and explain the Blindspace Box concept.

PS – We only provide Blindspace concealment products for blinds. We don’t supply curtain tracks or concealment products for curtain tracks.

About Blindspace

Founded in Sweden in 2016, Blindspace designs and manufactures solutions to conceal blinds and recess curtain tracks for both residential and commercial applications. The company’s simple philosophy is to enable shading, privacy and blackout in any room, with minimal visual impact.

Blindspace is independently owned and operated from Gothenburg, Sweden. The company started when founder Gaius Guest recognized the need for new solutions to hide blinds as no solutions were readily available. Today, Blindspace is available in more than 20 countries.

The Scottish Shutter Company is a Blindspace integrator assisting architects, designers, contractors and their clients throughout Scotland with concealed blinds in any type of window. We have extensive knowledge of the entire Blindspace range from standard and custom blind boxes – to solutions to recess, flush-mounted manual and electric blinds and curtain tracks.

Blindspace has a unique and patented design where blinds are accessible when required but fully concealed behind an integrated closure panel that simply clicks out and snaps shut. When required, the blind operates through a discrete slot in the wall or ceiling and completely disappears from view when not in use.

Blindspace solutions can be used to house single or multiple blinds in windows, doors, gables and skylights. Popular combinations for dual blinds are privacy/blackout, shading/insect screen and insect screen/blackout. Boxes can be installed as headboxes only or as three- or four-sided frames on all sides of the opening.

From the smallest window to the largest skylight, with early planning, it is possible to hide any blind. For new-builds, all windows can be future-proofed for blinds to be installed later.

Blindspace Cover Fitting


The Scottish Shutter Company – December 2020

Blindspace is the registered trademark of:

Blindspace AB, Sweden



Picture of David Browne

David Browne

David is Co-Founder and Project Director at the award-winning, Best Family Business 2020 – the Scottish Shutter Company. David has over 35 years’ experience in running and growing small businesses.

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