Luxaflex Pirouette

How do you improve light? A pretty tall ask. As one of the most evocative of all nature’s assets, we instinctively gravitate towards it wherever it’s found. But too little and we can feel gloomy, too much and our environment seems uncomfortably stark. That’s why our newly designed Pirouette® enhances sunshine in all its forms. It diffuses and distributes any type of light gently spreading it evenly throughout the room, softening noon’s harsh light and enhancing the fading glow of evening so you can even reduce the need for an artificial substitute.

Technically innovative, this design is equally as refined in style. When they open, the vanes appear to float in soft folds, but with a sharp architectural edge. A single sheer backing and folded fabric vanes provide a clear view to the outside world whilst maintaining a discreet level of privacy inside.

The fabrics are available in several opacities from translucent to room darkening and in a wide range of contemporary colours. When you are ready to retire, light dimming fabric blocks the majority of light, whilst the sheers softly filter out brightness, glare and UV rays – protecting furniture and flooring from fading.