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The Benefits of Interior Window Shutters

Interior Window Shutters

The popularity of interior window shutters is rising in the UK, but have you ever wondered why? Is it their beautiful aesthetic? Their incredible durability? Or do they ward off evil spirits?

At the Scottish Shutter Company, we know. (Hint: it’s not the evil spirits!)

A Brief History Of Interior Window Shutters

Way back long ago and all the way over to the Mediterranean, the Ancient Greeks were the first in the West to use window shutters. In those far-flung times, these innovative window coverings were made from marble and probably took a genuinely Herculean effort to open and close them daily, but they did a fantastic job of keeping out the glorious sunshine of southern Europe. Eventually, those not born of the Gods decided that wood would be a more suitable material and the fashion of shutters spread across the continent.

In Tudor England, we see a more local fascination with the humble shutter. Though glass was considered the superior window covering, allowing light in while keeping the cold out, it was expensive to obtain. So many sensible Tudor nobles combined shutters with glass panes, allowing the light to permanently flood in the top of the window while maintaining control (and cost-efficiency) with slatted wooden shutters in the bottom half.

During the Victorian era, thinner walls made of more modern materials allowed shutters to be moved outside (you can easily reach out of a single brick window, rather than the thicker walls of the Tudors), while over in the US of A, shutters saw widespread use in plantations, where they were seen as elegant and a status symbol. Some still call that style of shutters “plantation shutters” today.

Now, the trend is back for internal shutters – so much easier to maintain and a fantastic look to interior decor – and we at the Scottish Shutter Company delight in providing our exacting customers with the very best.

That’s how we got here, but why are interior window shutters still so popular? Here are the top five reasons:

 Interior Window Shutters

Reason #1 – Light Control

Curtains are an excellent window covering – you won’t hear us say differently – but they do suffer when it comes to complete light control. Thinner curtains allow light to shine through, and even the thickest and best-fitted curtains leak at the sides while light crawls over the top rail to make true darkness a faded dream.

Shutters suffer from none of these problems. They block most of the light when fitted properly, throwing the room into peaceful near darkness.

Of course, control isn’t a pure on/off requirement. Here, shutters are fantastic again, with louvres that can be adjusted to provide the perfect influx of light to the room. Well-considered angles mean the glare of incoming sunlight is avoided while the warm glow of the rays is still able to brighten the room – a feature that in modern homes makes them excellent for both home offices and living rooms as it is unsurpassed at keeping the light away from screens.

Reason #2 – Temperature Control

Wood is an excellent insulator. Internal window shutters help retain the heat in rooms when the weather is cold and control the sunlight to keep the room cool when the outside is blazing. 

Plus, the fitted nature of shutters comes to the fore once more. With no edge gaps on any side, draughts are banished, and rooms can be properly and accurately temperature controlled. Bliss.

Reason #3 – Privacy

Few things prevent the outside world from seeing the inside of your home better than the closed louvres of a shutter panel! Internal window shutters are incredible for privacy, plus the range of styles offers different options for that perfect private aesthetic.

Consider full-height, solid panel shutters to close off everything, or look to café style or tier-on-tier shutters to offer sanctuary from prying eyes while still embracing the glorious sunshine. Plus, do not forget that shutter louvres can be easily adjusted to block the view while still letting in the light.

Shutters are particularly good for bathroom privacy, with a range of moisture-resistant materials and coatings to ensure that the shutter reigns even in the wettest environments.

 Interior Window Shutters

Reason #4 – The Design Aesthetic

Shutters are a timeless look that works with any decor. They come in whatever colour you need and in various materials to suit the environment. Unlike other window coverings that can have problems with awkward shapes and sizes of windows, shutters can be cut to fit perfectly.

Interior window shutters are simply stunning to look at. Pair them with curtains to bring an additional soft touch to the room, losing none of the advantages of the shutters themselves while embracing the design of a combination window covering.

Shutters truly add value to your home, delighting anyone who sees them.

Reason #5 – Maintenance

The final reason is one of practicality. Professionally installed shutters last for decades and need very little maintenance.

Dust regularly with a soft, dry cloth, and spot clean with warm, soapy water. Keep an eye on the hinges, and occasionally lubricate them.

That’s it.


Shutters from The Scottish Shutter Company

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