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5 Questions To Ask Before You Buy Shutters

5 Questions to ask before you buy shutters

Looking to buy shutters? Are you on the hunt for a stylish and practical solution to light and privacy control in your home? Then you’re in the right place. 

There is no denying their elegance and style, but they aren’t the cheapest option. So, before you commit to investing in shutters for your home, what questions should you be asking?

Why Are Shutters A Good Solution?

Let’s start with the most helpful question. Why should you choose shutters over other window coverings out there, like curtains or blinds? Why buy shutters? 

Expert Light Control

Windows coverings need to be able to provide shade, but sometimes you want the natural sunlight to stream in without that glare on the tv screen. Shutters provide incredible light control, meaning you can adjust the louvres to let the light flow whilst deflecting pesky bright beams from screens or eyes. 

Enhanced Privacy 

Moving the louvres in each shutter panel doesn’t just give you the power to control light levels. Adjusting the angle as you wish means you can maintain the perfect level of privacy at all times.

Smart Thermals

Shutters reflect the burning sun’s rays away in the summer and hold in the heat in the winter. They prevent all that heat your home is generating in the colder months from dissipating through your windows, in turn, reducing your energy bills. 

Pure Appeal
Homes with shutters look smart and achieve a higher value if you come to sell your home. The in-built solution appeals more to buyers looking for a new home. 

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Clean Lines
The straight-edged, uniform shapes of shutter look impeccably neat and tidy. Without the hanging cords or rods of blinds, and with no chance of age turning them droopy or faded like curtains, shutters stay looking fantastic. 

Low Maintenance

Because shutters are made from suitable durable materials like wood and strong plastics, they are simple to look after. A damp cloth is all you need to keep your shutters looking beautiful!

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How Long Do Shutters Take To Install?

The wait time when you buy shutters hugely depends on factors such as the number of shutters and their size. Lots of shutters in a range of different sizes will take longer to put together than a couple of shutters in one room. These factors will also dictate how long it takes to fit the shutters, from a couple of hours for one or two windows up to a full day for a whole home.

When you buy shutters the installation process itself is carried out by our friendly team of professionals who have decades of fitting experience. They will turn up all smiles on your pre-arranged date of fitting, quickly get the job done and leave your home looking spotless when they’re done for the day. 

Do Shutters Work On Unusual Windows?

Yes! Shutters are the perfect solution for dressing the unusual window shapes of Scottish homes. They are one of the only window coverings that can be fitted to pretty much any window.

Opting to buy shutters that are made-to-measure means the shape is completely customisable, leaving you with a totally bespoke shutter that is millimetre perfect. This is ideal for all awkward-to-dress windows, such as arched, triangular, round and floor-to-ceiling and big bays too. 

We’ve written a whole blog about awkward windows, read it here.

5 Questions To Ask Before You Buy Shutters

Can I See Your Shutters In Action?

We know that investing in your home is a big deal, and you want to make sure you’re making the right choice before you buy shutters. It’s important to be able to see shutters for yourself, and that’s why we’re proud to invite you to visit our showroom.

Not all shutters are made equal. You might have seen cheap, off-the-shelf shutters online and wondered why others are pricier by comparison. It comes down to the overall quality of the shutters, the fit and aftercare.

Our shutters can be made from the widest range of premium materials, from entry-level MDF to sustainable fast-growing hardwoods, providing you with a huge range of styles and colours to suit any home. Our made-to-measure S:CRAFT shutters feature six layers of paint or stain for ultimate durability, not forgetting a final UV layer to protect your shutters from fading over time. 

Visiting our showroom means you can appreciate the different styles of shutters available. It’s hard to see the difference from photos alone, and experiencing the shutters in real life will help you work out your likes and dislikes. You’ll also benefit from the expert advice of our shutter specialists who are more than happy to answer any questions you have. Our showrooms are open by appointment only. 

Can I Buy Shutters That Are Coloured?

It’s also a common misconception that you have to have white or grey shutters, but this couldn’t be more inaccurate! When you buy shutters go for colour if that’s what your heart desires, they’re your shutters to customise. From pastels to brights to the deepest darkest black, it’s totally up to you.

Quality Shutters Bring Multiple Benefits To Your Home

Want to buy shutters? A premium investment involves doing a little bit of homework. Making sure you’re happy with your choices and getting any questions answered ahead of time means that the whole process can flow quickly and easily.

The quickest and easiest way of doing this is booking a visit to our showroom or starting with a virtual appointment if more convenient. Click here to get going. 

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