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Bay Window Shutters – The Best Protection from Low Sun Angles

bay window shutters

Thinking about bay window shutters? Want a stylish way to protect your room from the glaring sun? Are you tired of being blinded by low-angled light while trying to enjoy your home?

 Low sun angles are annoying all year round. You may find your room almost unusable at certain times of day, with harsh sunlight shining through your bay windows. 

Some homeowners are forced to close their curtains when the sun is at these awkward angles. This increases their dependence on electric lighting and limits how much time is spent in that room. 

Bay window shutters may be the smartest solution to this daily problem. Here’s how you can make the most of natural light without blacking out your windows when the sun is at its most infiltrating position.

 Who Will Have Low Sun Angles?

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Have you ever been in your conservatory or living room and found that the sun gradually moves to a particular angle, which means you can’t see very well? Are the rooms on one side of your home blinded all day during the winter? 

If you’ve ever had to close your curtains or blinds in the morning or evening just to make the room more pleasant, you know how annoying living with low sun angles is.

Low sun can appear exceptionally bright because of its positioning, closer to the height of most windows. You’re particularly vulnerable to difficult natural lighting if you have:

  • East and west-facing windows, as these allow the sun in during the evening or mornings.
  • South-facing windows as these will have pretty low sun angles all day during the winter months.

These window positions are ironically popular because they allow light to stream unimpeded. In reality, they can make the room less usable for periods of the day, so you’re unable to make the most of your home space.

 Luckily you don’t need to struggle through the blinding light because bay window shutters are a proven solution.

Why Shutters Help bay window shutters

The reason bay window shutters are a good defence against low-angled light is because of one specific component. Split window panes.

 Bay windows or any windows with a ‘top and bottom’ element mean you have more control over the light. You can have the bottom section of your shutters closed and the top section open, so you don’t get the sun in your eyes.

Other window coverings, such as curtains, simply block out the entire window, taking away all-natural lighting at times when you’d really like to enjoy some natural daylight ambience. Net curtains aren’t an ideal solution either, as not everyone enjoys their aesthetic. 

Bay window shutters are specially designed to give you total control over lighting. Instead of needing to fully close or totally open them, you can choose to simply tilt the shutters to direct the light out of your line of vision. Your room can bask in a warming glow but not be overwhelmed by glare.

Not to mention, bay window shutters are a timeless, classic decor addition that can add value to your property. Enjoy instant curb appeal while making your home more usable with tasteful, sophisticated window dressings.

 The Benefits of Bay Window Shutters

With bay window shutters, you genuinely get the best of both worlds. With style and practicality, shutters can transform your decor and give you your home back at those times you found rooms hard to use.

Don’t want to be constantly adjusting your shutters by hand? Bay window shutters can be motorised and even made ‘smart’, so you can adjust your shutters with a simple remote control or app – you can even automate your shutters, so they adjust automatically at times of low sun!

And don’t worry if you think your bay window is too awkwardly shaped or large for a high-quality shutter. Bay window shutters can be made-to-measure for any window size or shape, even the really awkward ones.

Make sure you choose your shutters from a reputable manufacturer and fitter. At the Scottish Shutter Company, we offer a 5-year fit guarantee, so you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your shutters have been installed to the highest and most reliable standard and that should anything occur, we’ll fix it.

Your Luxury Shutter Solution…bay window shutters

If you’ve been dealing with irritating low-angled sunlight for too long and want to create a more inviting living space, bay window shutters are a practical and attractive way to make your room more usable.

Easterly and westerly-facing windows will suffer with low sun in winter and summer in the evenings and mornings, but south-facing windows will get the worst of the intense winter sun all day. If that sounds like your home, it may be time to consider your window shutter options.

Book a call with our friendly shutter experts and find out which luxury shutter option will create the unique and enjoyable space you want in your home.


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