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How Much Do Automatic Window Blinds Cost?

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Like it or not (and let’s face it, most of us like it even if we resist it!), smart homes are becoming increasingly common. Convenience, accessibility and affordability mean that technology is being integrated into homes all across the UK.

Music, lights, and heating controls… have all become part of the smart home, enjoying voice activation and automatic scheduling, but what about your blinds? Are you still walking to the window and letting in the sunlight by hand? How very last season!

At the Scottish Shutter Company, we know all about automatic window blinds. Read on to find out if they are worth buying and, importantly,  what they cost!

What Are Automatic Window Blinds?

There’s nothing too magical about automatic window blinds, even if it can sometimes feel that way. They’re just standard blinds with a motor attached to them to control opening and closing. At SSC, we’re advocates of the excellent PowerView Automation that can control all types of Luxaflex blinds.

Choose from mains-powered motors if wiring is convenient or battery-powered blinds for those harder-to-reach areas. Both work fantastically, delivering smooth and safe automation via a centralised WiFi hub to talk to your smart home system.

PowerView Automation is available for the following blinds:

  • Roller – Uncomplicated and perfect for automation.
  • Venetian – The traditional slatted blind, made even more convenient with remote control.
  • Vertical – A style classic that is subtly improved through automatic day/night scheduling.
  • Twist – Complete light control enhanced through PowerView.
  • Silhouette – Beautiful Luxaflex blinds with extra privacy that are 100% compatible with your smart home.
  • Duette – Energy-efficient honeycomb blinds that enjoy a modern upgrade with automation.
  • Pirouette – The unique Luxaflex design that becomes a true contemporary classic when paired with your smart home system.

What are The Benefits of Automatic Window Blinds?

Not having to get out of the chair to close the blinds in the evening is not the only benefit of having automatic window blinds. PowerView Automation changes your relationship with your window covers in the following helpful ways:

  • No more awkward scrambling – Room design and furnishings mean that many people suffer from a difficult stretch to reach their blind controls. Adding automation to your blinds means there’s no more need to lean over chairs, scramble behind sofas, or climb on the side to close the blind.
  • Child and pet safe – With automatic sensors to ensure that the blind opens and closes safely, there’s no need to worry that anything will be tangled or damaged by the blind’s automatic opening.
  • Easing yourself awake – There’s no need to wake up to an alarm clock’s harsh bleeping. With automatic blind controls, you can set your bedroom to give you just the right amount of sunlight to bring you around with gentle comfort.
  • Deterring burglars – Through automation, your home will look occupied when it’s not. Combined with smart home lighting, the house will give a convincing impression of you being home even if you’re at work or on holiday, enjoying pool-side cocktails on the other side of the world.
  • Voice activation – If you find button controls fiddly or confusing, the voice controls are there for you. Simply tell your smart home that it’s time for bed and let PowerView Automation do the rest.
  • Energy efficiency – With a regular schedule, you can better control the heat loss in your home, making automatic blinds a key component of your home energy strategy.
  • Better privacy – No more forgetting to close the blinds before crossing the room in your nightclothes. A simple voice command means you are ensured privacy whenever you need it.
  • Improve your health with routines – Having a scheduled morning and evening routine can do wonders for your well-being. Automation means you make the most out of the sunlight throughout the year, helping you to maintain those all-important daily rhythms.


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How Much Do Automatic Window Blinds Cost?

The all-important question is, how much is it? Adding PowerView to your windows can be done for around £250 per blind, with a one-off investment in the hub of £270. 

Of course, if you don’t have blinds yet, then you’ll need to choose the style that suits you, whether that’s one of Luxaflex’s beautiful modern blinds or a traditional Venetian. With so much depending on the size and shape of your window, it’s always best to get a proper quote by requesting a survey.

PowerView Automation is a great investment in your home, improving your comfort and convenience now while adding a touch of modern luxury that adds long-term value.

What About Shutters?

At the Scottish Shutter Company, we’re no strangers to shutters, nor those who love them! If shutters are more your thing, then don’t worry; you don’t have to miss out on the convenience of smart home automation.

For our shutters, we offer the superb PowerMotion system, a hub-based WiFi solution that’s similar to PowerView for blinds. Find out more here.

Smart Home Blinds from the Scottish Shutter Company

Automatic window blinds are an incredible addition to your smart home that are so subtly impactful that you’ll wonder how you ever managed without them! Book a consultation with us today and improve your home a little bit more.

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