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Are Shutters Blackout?

If you’re considering shutters for your bedroom, you’re probably wondering, ‘Are shutters blackout?’

Let’s delve into the world of shutters and shed some light on their room-darkening capabilities.

Shutters: A Necessary Overview

So, are shutters blackout? Before you can answer that question, you need a working understanding of what shutters are – and what they can offer you. 

Shutters offer a timeless and elegant solution that can transform the look and feel of any room. Whether your style is classic, contemporary, or somewhere in between, shutters have a versatility that allows them to seamlessly blend with all interior designs.

Our shutters are custom-made window coverings that are typically crafted from wood, ABS, or composite materials. They can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your windows as well as provide practical benefits such as light control and privacy. The sturdy construction of shutters ensures durability and longevity, making them a worthwhile investment for your home.

With shutters, you can absolutely achieve a balance between functionality and aesthetics, ensuring that your shutters not only look beautiful but also serve the purpose you want them to.

As well as the essential light control, shutters also offer excellent privacy control. With a quick adjustment of the louvres or a complete closure of the panels, you can enjoy complete privacy and prevent prying eyes from seeing into your home. This is particularly important for ground-floor windows or rooms that face busy streets or neighbouring properties. 

This combination of adjustable lighting and reliable privacy makes shutters a popular choice for bedrooms, allowing you to create a serene and tranquil space where you can rest and relax without interruptions from outside elements.

Investing in shutters will enhance the aesthetics of your windows and provide a practical solution for controlling light and privacy in your home. Whether you choose full height, tier-on-tier, cafe-style or solid panel shutters, each style offers its own unique benefits, giving you the freedom to create the perfect ambience in any room.

Shedding Light On Light Control

When it comes to room darkening, it’s essential to understand the concept of blackout. Blackout is the absence of any light penetration, creating a pitch-dark environment. 

While shutters significantly reduce the amount of light entering a room, shutters are room darkening rather than true blackout. 

What does that mean? They can significantly reduce the amount of light entering a room, but they cannot provide a total blackout result. 

If you’re new to the room-darkening bandwagon, you might not realise how beneficial it can be to have the option of room-darkening window treatments. Being able to create better darkness in any room can be extremely useful for a few specific reasons…

  • Babies and young children: Creating a dark environment in nurseries or children’s bedrooms can help promote better sleep patterns, as young children are often more sensitive to light.
  • Shift workers: For individuals who work night shifts and need to sleep during the day, achieving a dark room is crucial for restful sleep.
  • Light sensitivity: Some individuals are more sensitive to light and require a darker environment to relax and unwind.
  • Avoiding early mornings: Blackout options are ideal if you’re not a morning person and prefer to sleep in without the interruption of sunlight (we understand!).

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Are Shutters Blackout?

Most shutters are not designed to provide complete blackout conditions. While they significantly reduce the amount of light entering a room, some minimal light may still show through. However, for many individuals, this slight amount of residual light is preferable to total darkness.

The amount of light that comes through shutters depends on the type of shutter:

Tier-on-Tier and Full Height Shutters – These styles offer excellent light control but may allow some light to show through between the louvres when closed. They provide a balance of privacy and natural light.

Cafe Style Shutters – If you’ve ever seen cafe-style shutters, you’ll know this style offers no blackout function whatsoever! These shutters cover only the lower half of the window, allowing light to enter from the top. They provide privacy at eye level while still allowing natural light to illuminate the space.

Solid Panel Shutters – These shutters offer near darkness when closed, making them the best option for those seeking a blackout effect. However, it’s important to note that solid panel shutters provide less flexibility in terms of light control compared to other shutter styles.

Are shutters blackout? No. But they can provide a great deal of light control that’s generally adequate for most uses. Shutters provide light control and room darkening in general, but they aren’t all designed to give you total blackness. But you still have options if you love the look of shutters…

Perfect Pairing

If you have your heart set on shutters but want to reduce light as much as possible, there’s a solution. You can pair shutters with blinds to achieve both the aesthetic appeal of shutters and the dimout effect of blinds.

By installing room-darkening blinds within the window frame and placing shutters in front of them, you can enjoy the benefits of both!

Room darkening blinds are specifically designed to block out light and are one of the most popular options for achieving a darker result.  

Their sleek design allows them to work seamlessly alone or when paired with shutters or curtains. And the customisable, durable design of shutters creates the ideal combination, giving you the look you’re dreaming of as well as a comfortably dark result. 

The Truth About Blackout Shutters

So if you’re wondering ‘are shutters blackout?’, you should now know what your shutter options are for ultimate room darkening. Having realistic expectations of shutters’ room darkening capabilities is essential to avoid disappointment. 

While shutters significantly reduce the amount of light in a room, they are typically not designed to provide complete blackout conditions. But they do offer a beautiful balance of light control and privacy, perfect for bedrooms and living rooms.

For those who prefer a darker room, the combination of shutters with dimout blinds provides an easy and stylish solution that enhances light control. Download our free brochure to explore your options and find the perfect window-covering solution for your home!

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