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Are Motorised Blinds Worth The Cost?

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Are you looking for blinds that not only look fabulous but are practical and convenient too? Do you find it tiring or annoying having to open and close your blinds daily?

Motorised blinds offer the perfect solution: they make life easier by allowing you to remotely manipulate your blinds. Yet motorised blinds can be more expensive than other blinds. So are they worth the cost? 

Let’s find out…

How Are Motorised Blinds Different From Other Blinds?

The two main types of motorised blinds available at The Scottish Shutter Company are RTS Somfy and Luxaflex PowerView Automation. Each offers exceptional comfort and convenience for easy days and peaceful nights.

Effortless Convenience

Would you like the convenience of operating your blinds from wherever you are with the touch of a button? Our revolutionary motorised blinds with their smart technology allow you to use remotes or smart device apps to control your blinds anywhere in your home.

Better still, you can set timers to automatically adjust your blinds. Fancy waking up naturally with the help of your blinds lifting seamlessly at dawn? It’s possible with our innovative motorised blinds.

Enhanced Privacy & Security

With the help of the smart technology of motorised blinds, you can schedule when your blinds open and close. Whether you’re at work or on holiday, your blinds can continue to operate while you’re away, helping to give the impression of an occupied house.

No more obvious closed blinds in the morning or open blinds at night – they will continue to operate seamlessly so no one knows you’re away from home. You can relax knowing your blinds are discreetly disguising your absence. Keeping your home safe and secure.


Do you wish you didn’t have to move around your home pulling blinds open and closed? With our clever motorised blinds, you no longer have to. You can quickly manipulate your blinds with the touch of a button on your smart device or remote from the comfort of your favourite spot.

Even if you have more blinds than you can count in your home, multiple blinds can be controlled from the same remote or app. No more running up and down stairs first thing in the morning or last thing in the evening. You’ll save yourself some time and much-needed energy for more important tasks.

Improve Energy Efficiency

With the cost of energy bills soaring this winter, we’re all looking for ways to optimise our energy usage. Our modern motorised blinds are controlled via wireless technology using either your smart device or a modern remote.

Often, no extra wiring is needed and no additional expense will be added to your energy bill. You can enjoy the comfort and ease of motorised blinds knowing they’re efficient and inexpensive to use. Saving you stress and money.

Easy To Use

Are you slightly worried about using smart technology to operate your motorised blinds? Or cautious about the upheaval of installing multiple blinds in your personal space?

Our experienced team will take care of you and your home. At The Scottish Shutter Company, we have decades of experience installing motorised shading and pride ourselves on being the best. We’ll expertly fit your blinds and teach you everything you need to know about using your blinds before we leave. The smart technology for our motorised blinds is quick to learn and easy to use.

What Types Of Motorised Blinds Are Available?

At The Scottish Shutter Company, we offer two ingenious types of motorised blinds that are available across much of our range.

The RTS Somfy Motor Operation

The RTS Somfy Motor Operation technology is available with all of our skylight blind and awning options. It has revolutionised home comfort and works through Radio Technology Somfy; sending out radio wave signals for wireless omnidirectional control over your stylish motorised blinds.

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Luxurious Comfort

RTS motorised blinds are the utmost in luxury and comfort. They make life easy by allowing you to adjust the level of your blinds anywhere in your home. No need to be close to your blinds or point remotes in particular directions. Simply press the remote or your linked smart device from your cosy spot for effortless comfort.

Personal Touch

Your RTS Somfy blinds can be easily set up with whichever device you have since they’re compatible with Android and Apple technology. You can also match your RTS Somfy to your voice so that you can cleverly operate your blinds with voice activation. Simply command your blinds to do as you need!

Energy Saving

Since the RTS blinds are controlled via radio waves, no electrical wires or energy is required to operate them, saving you precious energy and money on your bills. You can be at ease knowing your attractive new blinds are cost-effective as well as stylish.

Luxaflex PowerView Automation Technology

The PowerView Automation technology is available with our Luxaflex range of blinds. They work instantly via a remote or using your smart device to suit your mood on demand.

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Superior Safety 

motorised blindsAs a family-run business, we know it’s important that your home is not only comfortable and on-trend but a safe haven for your family too. That’s why our PowerView blinds are particularly special; they’re completely cordless thanks to their smart wireless operation. You can have peace of mind knowing the danger of cords has been removed from your home. 

For more information about how to keep your kids safe around blinds, check out our blog post, ‘Child Safety Week – Keeping Your Child Safe Round Window Blinds’.

Completely Customisable

Do you wish you could set your blinds to lift and close automatically to suit your routine? With the PowerView Automation technology, it’s completely possible. You can schedule your blinds to operate at specific times in advance, so your home adapts to your family’s needs whatever time of day or night. You won’t even have to lift a finger.

Perfectly Practical

Not only are our PowerView Automated blinds powered by smart technology, but they also take care of the small details too. Prefer to use a remote rather than your smart device? No problem. A sleek and modern remote is available in a choice of colours along with a tidy wall mount, so you never need to wonder where you left it. 

The Price For Peace Of Mind

While it’s true that motorised blinds cost more for the initial outlay, with their wireless technology you could save considerable sums on your energy bills. You’re also paying for a relaxed home that’s more secure and private, whether you’re home or away for extended periods. Along with enhanced child and pet safety thanks to an absence of cords. 

Motorised blinds make your life easier, more convenient and add a touch of luxury. Above all, you’ll be granted greater peace of mind. We reckon that’s worth the extra cost.

Would you like to look at our range of motorised blind options in person? Get in touch to arrange a viewing at one of our impressive showrooms.

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