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A Guide to Luxaflex Blind Repairs

A Guide to Luxaflex Blind Repairs

Luxaflex Blind Repairs – The Scottish Shutter Company Guide


We know things can go a bit pear-shaped sometimes, so we’ve put together this quick guide to walk you through our repair process, what’s covered by the warranty, and what steps to take if you hit a snag.

Quick heads up—our repair, removal and re-fit services are exclusive to blinds that have been both supplied and installed by us here at The Scottish Shutter Company.

Just to make it crystal clear—while we’re big fans of Luxaflex products, we’re not Luxaflex. We’re your friendly neighbourhood window blind supplier in Scotland. We’ve never made blinds ourselves, nor do we plan to. What we’re really good at is scouting out top-quality shading system makers from around the globe, and Luxaflex has been a trusted partner of ours for nearly four decades.

Since we don’t manufacture the blinds, we also don’t have a stash of spare parts lying around. If you’ve got any concerns or questions, we’re all ears!

For Our Esteemed Clients:

If you’ve chosen us for your Luxaflex installation, you’re not just getting a blind – you’re getting our continued support.

Our Exclusive Commitment:

Our priority is ensuring that the blinds we installed for you remain in top condition. Thus, our product support, spare parts provision, and repair services are tailored specifically for our clients and products installed by The Scottish Shutter Company.

Your Immediate Action:

Facing a hiccup with your Luxaflex blind? Don’t fret! Here’s what you do:

Contact Us:

Direct all your concerns to

Details Matter:

Provide the following information to speed up the resolution process:

  • Name (as per your order)
  • Installation Address & Postcode
  • Approximate date when the blinds were installed.
  • A concise description of the issue (Supporting visuals, like photos or videos, can be immensely helpful.)

For Luxaflex Products Supplied & Installed by Others:

If we didn’t install your Luxaflex blinds, you’ll need to reach out directly to Luxaflex for the best assistance.

Connect at or dial 0161 442 9500.

The Luxaflex Guarantee: A Deeper Look

Our Assurance:

All our custom-made Luxaflex Blinds carry a 5-year limited warranty, which commences from the day of installation. We even cover labour and travel costs for the inaugural year, making sure your initial experience is seamless.

Do note that this warranty is exclusively for the original buyers.

Coverage Breakdown:

We stand by the quality and durability of Luxaflex products. The blinds should stand free of material or assembly defects, assuming they’ve been installed correctly by professionals (which they have, as we installed them!)


A robust five years of peace of mind.

Cords & Fabric:

Standard coverage is for three years, but we proudly extend this to five years for blinds we’ve had the pleasure of fitting.


We’ve got you covered for the first year.

Beyond that, a fee of £25 + VAT applies.

Labour Charges:

For the first year, consider it on the house.

Subsequently, the rate is £150 per visit + £25 for every half hour on-site + VAT.

Support For Products Beyond Their Warranty:

Blinds have a lifespan, and sometimes issues can crop up post-warranty. But we’re still here for you:

Warehouse Repair:

Our Dundee warehouse might just have the solution. If it’s something we can fix internally, we’ll set up a convenient drop-off time for you. Starting costs for this service are £60 + VAT.

Home Visit:

Can’t come to us? We’ll come to you for a £150 + VAT charge. If the blinds need new parts, additional costs will be communicated transparently.

Manufacturer Repair:

Some complex issues require the manufacturer’s touch. In such cases, after an initial home visit, if we ascertain that the blinds need to be sent to the manufacturer, a starting fee of £85 + VAT applies.

Points to Remember:

Exact repair costs can only be provided after a thorough assessment.

Our commitment is to return your blinds to their former glory within 8-10 weeks.

We humbly request that blinds aren’t returned to our showrooms without a prior discussion.

While we excel in installation and repair, remember that we don’t manufacture these blinds.

Some repairs, especially those requiring specialised parts, might be beyond our scope.

What’s Not Covered:

As comprehensive as the Luxaflex Guarantee is, some things fall outside its ambit:

Accidental damage, misuse, or external factors like severe weather.

Inherent wear and tear or issues arising from non-domestic installations.

Natural variations in wood or fabric aren’t seen as defects. For instance, wood might naturally warp in regions of high heat & humidity. Such nuances aren’t covered.

Concluding Notes:

Our association with Luxaflex ensures you receive top-quality blinds, but they have their terms of warranty. The Luxaflex Guarantee holds precedence over any other warranties, and they’re not liable for indirect losses or damages.

However, your consumer rights, as defined in UK law, remain untouched.

Also, our contract with you, our dear customer, stands independent of Luxaflex’s guarantee.

For particularities on Luxaflex Silhouette blinds, we invite you to visit our dedicated page:

Luxaflex Silhouette Window Blinds.

Your Blinds: Shielding Your Home from the Elements

One thing we often don’t consider is the role our blinds play as protectors. They’re more than just decorative elements or tools for privacy; they’re your first line of defence. Imagine the sun’s ultraviolet rays beating down daily, with the potential to bleach and fade the cherished soft furnishings, elegant floor coverings, and carefully chosen furniture in your room. Your blinds valiantly stand guard, absorbing and deflecting these harmful rays,Bright Sun ensuring the longevity of your room’s aesthetic.

However, like any knight in shining armour, even blinds bear the brunt of their battles. Over time, persistent exposure to ultraviolet rays can lead to bleaching of the blinds themselves. The once supple and sturdy plastic components might undergo hardening. It’s a natural outcome of prolonged UV exposure, leading to both the components and the fabric becoming brittle as time progresses.

It’s essential for you to understand that this eventual wear is not a design flaw or a shortcoming in the quality of the product. It’s an expected outcome of the relentless service your blinds provide in preserving the integrity and beauty of your interiors. It’s akin to the natural ageing process we all experience; it’s a testament to the years of protection they’ve offered your home.

So, as you draw your blinds each day, know that they’re doing more than just offering shade or privacy – they’re keeping your interiors vibrant and fresh. And like all things that work hard, they too will show signs of their efforts, not as a fault, but as an emblem of their commitment to safeguarding your space.

Thank you for choosing The Scottish Shutter Company. We’re here to serve.

August 2023
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David Browne

David is Co-Founder and Project Director at the award-winning, Best Family Business 2020 – the Scottish Shutter Company. David has over 35 years’ experience in running and growing small businesses.




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