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5 Benefits Of Luxaflex Duette Blinds

Luxaflex Duette blinds

The problem with cheap blinds is that you don’t get durability. This is because the only way to keep costs low is to make them out of weaker, less robust materials. 

Weak blinds inevitably fail, and you’d be really lucky to get more than a few months out of a cheap set of blinds. And what’s more, they really don’t do much for your room.

Choosing the right blinds not only saves you money and hassle in the long run, but they’ll look great too!

Here at The Scottish Shutter Company, one of our all-time favourites is the Luxaflex Duette blinds, and we want to share the 5 best reasons why you should love them too.

What Are Duette Blinds?

Luxaflex Duette blinds are the market-leading honeycomb energy-saving blind. They’ve been developed and perfected for over 30 years so they can bring you the perfect combination of style and function.

They are available in many different fabrics and operating systems making them one of the most versatile and functional blinds on the market.

Luxaflex Duette blinds are also the perfect companion to sustainable living, reducing heat loss and providing excellent light control all year round. 

5 Benefits Of Duette Blinds

Luxaflex Duette blinds are durable, elegant and versatile, they provide the ultimate design with maximum functionality. Here are 5 main benefits that come with owning a set of these blinds: 

1 – Perfect Light Control

The unique cell-in-cell construction of Luxaflex Duette Architella blinds helps to block the sun’s UV rays, which, when left unchecked, can damage your soft furnishings and carpets.

As well as offering UV protection, they also capture the light beautifully and diffuse it very effectively throughout your room. 

Duette Day & Night Shades are perfect for both day and night. They work by combining two fabrics, one is a light-filtering fabric and the other a room-darkening shade. This results in you having complete control when you use one, or both, giving you all the light or shade you need.

Luxaflex Duette Architella

2 – Energy Efficiency

Luxaflex Duette blinds are the leading blind when it comes to energy efficiency because of how they are made. They work like an insulating blanket giving your room reliable protection from abrupt temperature changes and sunlight. 

Designed with a clever honeycomb construction, the cell structure acts as an efficient insulating barrier, keeping heat and cold out and maintaining the temperature in your home.

With up to 50% of a home’s heating and cooling energy lost through its windows, Duette blinds effectively combat this problem. 

With the unique design of Duette thermal blinds, your home stays cooler in the summer, warmer in winter, and insulated all year round. The latest range of Duette fabrics is A++ energy rated.

Luxaflex Duette blinds

3 – Durable And Long Lasting

They are hands down the longest-lasting blinds on the market because of how they are made. 

Cellular shades like Luxaflex Duette blinds are so durable because they’re made from a mixture of bonded polyester and spun lace that stays strong for many years. This makes them a worthwhile investment that provides excellent value for money.

4 – Beautiful Design

There are many design options available, you can choose between 3 pleat widths, 3 transparencies and a wide assortment of fabrics. Luxaflex Duette blinds can be custom created for your space, whatever the shape of your window.

There’s a vast array of colours and designs available.

5 – Automations

If your blind has an automation option, then it means that they can be operated by a motor situated within the mechanism. The motors can be hard-wired, battery or solar-powered and the blinds can be adjusted by switch or remote control. 

You’ve got many different automation functions with Luxaflex Duette blinds, and they’re all incredibly easy to use.

Luxaflex Duette blinds

Where Can I Get My Duette Blinds?

If you think that Luxaflex Duette blinds are the perfect blind for your home, then the next thing you need to do is find your nearest supplier. 

The Scottish Shutter Company has an extensive range of Duette Blinds, and when you choose to purchase Duette Blinds through us, you get our 5 year ‘perfect fit’ promise. Everything is accurately measured, meticulously fitted and guaranteed for 5 years.

Intrigued? Why not download a brochure to see for yourself?

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