Shutters vs Blinds: Which Should You Choose?

Shutters for windows

Shutters vs blinds – which are better? Deciding on the correct type of window covering can be confusing and stressful. Are blinds or shutters better for your home? Which style should you choose? What are the benefits and drawbacks of shutters and blinds?  The good news is that shutters and blinds each have clear benefits, […]

Window Insulation: Could Shutters Save You Money On Your Heating Bill?

Window insulation

Are you looking for smart ways to save money on your heating? Want to find out how shutters could reduce heat loss in your home? Looking for window insulation? You’re in the right place. Windows are responsible for around 25-30% of the total heat loss in your home. This is a considerable contribution to your […]

Child Safety Week – Keeping Your Child Safe Around Window Blinds

Child Safety Week

Keeping your children safe while they explore the world is no easy task, but there are certain steps we can all take in our homes to protect our little ones.  This week is Child and Safety Week. From June 6th to 12th 2022 the British Blind & Shutter Association is supporting Child Safety Week with […]

Shutters For Windows & Doors: 13 Questions You Need To Ask Before You Buy

Shutters for windows

Looking for new window coverings? Considering buying shutters for windows or doors? Deciding whether to install shutters on your property is a big decision. You need to know the essential details to make the best choice for your home. Not sure where to start with shutters? As the experts on shutters and blinds, we’ve put […]

Refinishing Shutters 🧑‍🎨

Refinishing Shutters

Refinishing Shutters We are occasionally asked if refinishing shutters is possible. How Most Shutters are Finished First, it’s essential to understand how your Scottish Shutter Company shutters are finished during manufacturing. Most shutter manufacturers assemble all the components on a shutter panel and then add a final painted finish. This can cause some challenges with […]

DreamHub – Simple Shading Automation

DreamHub Window Blind Automation from The Scottish Shutter Company

DreamHub – Connecting Your Shading Solutions Smart home automation is here to stay. Take control. The explosive popularity of Alexa, Siri and co. in recent times makes it easy to believe that recent research indicates there will be at least one smart speaker in half of all UK households by 2022. The smart home era has arrived and […]

Blindspace Blind Concealment

Blindspace Blind Concealment Typical Layout

Blindspace Blind Concealment Here at The Scottish Shutter Company, we’ve been fitting shading systems of all types and sizes for thirty-four years. Big Windows However, in the last couple of years, we’ve noticed that the windows we’re fitting blinds to are getting bigger. Glazed panels are becoming more extensive. We now come across a lot […]

“Where Are Your Real-Wood Shutters Made?”

Where are your real-wood shutters made?

“Where are your real-wood shutters made?” – This is a question we get asked regularly.😊 All the major shutter retailers in the UK have their real-wood plantation shutters made in China by a company called NienMade. And while manufacturing takes about five days, the rest of the delivery time is taken up by sea freight. […]

#1 for Awesome Awnings 2022 😎

Patio Awning from The Scottish Shutter Company

Garden & Patio Awnings Our high-performance garden and patio awnings are available in a stunning range of bold stripes, jacquards and plains that you’ll love and will add instant exterior style. In addition to keeping you comfortable whatever the weather outdoors, our exclusive fabric technology protects your awning colour so that it won’t rot or […]

Shutter Warranty

Shapes Window Shutters on a Gable Window

The Scottish Shutter Company Plantation Shutter Warranty Antigua, Bermuda & Cuba Ranges The shutters and frames which we supply, and fit will be covered by a warranty against any defects in the materials, structure or colourfastness for a period of three years from the date of installation. The hinges and other hardware attached to the […]

Luxaflex Guarantee & Repairs

Luxaflex Guarantee


Twist Roller Blinds

Twist Roller Blinds

The World’s Smartest Roller Blind.     Roller blinds are trendy and come in a wide range of fabrics and colours. But they all have one challenge. When they’re down, they’re down. And, if you’ve chosen an opaque material, then you can’t see through the fabric when its down. Which is fine at night as […]

Discover Why the Amazing Luxaflex Duette Blinds Are #1

Luxaflex Duette Fabric from The Scottish Shutter Company

Luxaflex Duette Blinds and Shades Our Favourite Blinds If you ask us what our favourite blinds are – it’s Luxaflex Duette Blinds. At the Scottish Shutter Company, we know a lot about Luxaflex Duette blinds. We’ve fitted them to Scottish windows, glazed doors and conservatories for over thirty-three years. Since the original Duette fabric was […]

Electric Shutters

Automated Window Shutters from The Scottish Shutter Company. Control the position of the louvres at the touch of a button

Electric Shutters Here at The Scottish Shutter Company, we’ve become known for our expertise in automated and voice-activated window blinds. So, it seems like a natural progression that we introduce a new range of automated window shutters. This new range, called PowerMotion is available as an option on all of our S-Craft silent-tilt shutter products. […]

Automated Window Blinds

Luxaflex PowerView App For Controlling Duette Blinds from a SmartPhone

Voice activation is now a reality With PowerView® Motorisation, the world’s most beautiful window treatments are now the most intelligent. Our innovative wireless system for automated window blinds now lets you control all your Luxaflex electric blinds from a handheld controller, wall-mounted switch,  or from your Smartphone or tablet. You can also set scenes and […]

Blackout Blinds for a Good Night’s Sleep?

Puppy dog getting a good nights sleep with a blackout blind from The Scottish Shutter Company

Trouble Sleeping? Are you having trouble sleeping, being kept awake by light sneaking into your bedroom? If you’re a shift worker maybe you can’t sleep because it’s too sunny during the day. Do you have issues with street lights keeping you awake at night? If you’re a parent of a young child, you’ll know a […]