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Luxaflex Guarantee

The Luxaflex Guarantee

Before we explain what the Luxaflex Guarantee involves, let’s give you a little bit of background. 

Luxaflex is the global leader in window coverings. The company manufactures all its products with high-quality materials, innovation, expertise and professionalism. A network of qualified dealers supply and install Luxaflex products throughout Europe. 

The highest level of dealership within the Luxaflex network is The Luxaflex Gallery Dealer.

Luxaflex appointed us as the only Luxaflex Gallery Dealer in Scotland.  We have Gallery Showrooms in Edinburgh and Dundee.

A Luxaflex Guarantee covers every Luxaflex product you purchase (see below).

However, as a Luxaflex Gallery Dealer, we can also offer you the exclusivity of the Luxaflex 20/20 Gallery Gold Guarantee

How the Luxaflex Gallery Gold Guarantee Works

As a Luxaflex Gallery Dealer, we will assist you throughout your purchase process. We will provide you with help and advice to ensure you get the right product for your windows. Then once your new window covering has been installed, you can use the first twenty days to try it out and see how you feel about it.

You can contact us before this twenty-day period is over. If for whatever reason, you are not completely satisfied.

Then within the next twenty working days (subject to availability), you can have your window coverings replaced on a once-only basis for another Luxaflex® product valued at the same amount. It’s as simple as that!

The Scottish Shutter Company

The Scottish Shutter Company Showroom in Edinburgh

The Luxaflex G20/20 Gold Guarantee is only available in Scotland from The Scottish Shutter Company. You can’t get the 20/20 Gold Guarantee from any other window blind retailer in Scotland – not even John Lewis!


We’re Here to Help (Even if You Didn’t Buy Your Luxaflex Blinds From Us 😉)

Of course, all Luxaflex products have a Luxaflex Guarantee or warranty. We’ve included the formal part and the legal wording below. But we’ve been working with Luxaflex and its products now for nearly thirty-three years. We’ve built up an excellent working relationship with their UK team. They respect our extremely high level of knowledge we have in their products. This means that we are also well qualified to provide any advice you need on all aspects of window shading. 

We are also able to help you with any Luxaflex warranty issue you may have. But also with any issue, you have with any Luxaflex product even if it’s outside the guarantee period. Even if you are not the original purchaser of the product.

We can also assist you with any Luxaflex product that you didn’t buy from us. We can only assume that you didn’t know about us if you bought Luxaflex products elsewhere. If you do have a Luxaflex blind which needs some loving care and attention, then (if possible) can you send us a picture of the problem? All Luxaflex blinds carry a Product Identification Label. It is always very helpful if you can locate this information. It will tell us and Luxaflex everything we need to know about your blind and whether it can be repaired or not. 

Luxaflex Blind Product Identification Label

Luxaflex Blind Product Identification Label

Luxaflex is a Very Accommodating Company

Here’s an excerpt from an email we sent to someone who needed a blind repair. The blind wasn’t bought from us and it was outside of the warranty period. But Luxaflex is a very accommodating company and will help where it can. 

“Luxaflex has agreed to take the blind back to have a look. 
However, there are some caveats.  There are no guarantees of a repair and you must accept the risk of transit damage or accidental damage as they couldn’t cover it as if anything were to happen. Their carrier insurance is limited. Also, a component (if obsolete) breaking during the repair would mean they couldn’t fulfil the repair.
We also won’t know the costs involved until Luxaflex has the blind back.  
So, we’re happy for you to bring the blind to our Edinburgh showroom and we’ll organise the return for you if you agree with the above”.
Sometimes though, blinds are so old that no spare parts exist and can’t be repaired. Occasionally, a blind will come back for repair which was manufactured prior to the introduction of the child safety regulations relating to window shading products. If this is the case it would actually be illegal for us and Luxaflex to do any work on your blind and return it to you without modification. If an older non-child-safe Luxaflex blind can be repaired, it is the Luxaflex policy that your product will be brought into line with current child safety regulations as part of the repair process. However, as a note of caution, your blind’s cord lengths may have to be shortened to comply with the regulations. Sometimes this mandatory shortening of the cords may be an issue for you. We are happy to advise on all aspects of child safety relating to window blinds. 

Window Blind Safety for Landlords

Landlords and letting agents should by now be conversant with the 2014 regulations on blinds and curtains and the measures necessary to prevent accidents with children. It is particularly important to ensure that blinds and curtains supplied in rental properties meet these regulations, otherwise, if there is an accident the landlord could be held liable. For more information go to

Now you know where to come 😉

Give us a call on 01382 761020 or email [email protected] if you have any challenges, however small with Luxaflex products. We’re here to help. 

Thank you mail from Scottish Shutter Company clients about repairs to their Luxaflex blinds.

Now for the formal stuff…

Luxaflex Guarantee Terms & Conditions

The Luxaflex Guarantee states that your Luxaflex window covering products will be free from material and assembly defects. Provided that those products were properly installed in a domestic situation by a recognised professional installer. The obligation of Luxaflex is limited to repair or replacement of the defective materials or components. Repairs will be made with like or similar parts. This Luxaflex Guarantee is limited to the original purchaser. 

Scope of The Guarantee

  • Components will be replaced with like or similar parts up to five years.
  • Cords are covered for three years
  • Fabric is covered for three years
  • Carriage to and from Factory is covered for one year
  • Labour (assembly & repair) is covered for one year

All dates apply from the date of purchase

  • Removal of the product from the window and re-installation is not covered.
  • Consequential loss is not covered.

The Luxaflex Guarantee is invalid if the damage or failure is caused by:

  • Accident
  • Misuse
  • Abuse
  • Alteration
  • Motorised devices
  • Exposure to the Elements
  • Normal Wear & Tear
  • Blinds not fitted in a domestic situation
  • Failure to follow cleaning & maintenance instructions
  • Incorrect or non-expert installation
  • Negligence regarding measurements

Luxaflex wood products are made from natural timbers and can deviate from Luxaflex sampling materials. Differences in colour and structure or changes in colour through exposure to sunlight are characteristics of real wood and are, therefore, excluded from the Luxaflex Guarantee. 

Areas with high levels of heat and humidity can accelerate the ageing process and may cause the wood to warp. These changes are also excluded from the Luxaflex Guarantee.

Luxaflex fabrics can also deviate from the Luxaflex sampling materials. Differences in colour and structure or changes in colour are also excluded from the Luxaflex Guarantee.

The Luxaflex Guarantee is exclusive and in lieu of all other obligations, liabilities or warranties. In no event shall Luxaflex be liable or responsible for incidental or consequential damages or for any other direct or indirect damage, loss, cost, expense or fee. 

The Luxaflex Guarantee does not affect your statutory rights as a consumer under applicable laws in force in the UK. Nor does it affect your right as a consumer against The Scottish Shutter Company arising from our sales contract. 


The Luxaflex Gallery Gold Guarantee Conditions (The Small Print)

  • The Gallery Gold Guarantee does not apply to damaged products or products which have been used incorrectly, incorrect installation, measurement errors, guarantee claims, products with electrical operation or special designs.
  • Unless Luxaflex allows otherwise, the dimensions of the replacement products must be identical to the dimensions of the original product.
  • The original customer must submit the claim to The Scottish Shutter Company. 
  • If the replacement product is more expensive than the original product, the difference in value will be charged.
  • In the event that the product is cheaper, no reimbursement or refund will be given. 
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