Luxaflex Silhouette Shades

The Luxaflex Silhouette Shade is a brilliant roller blind.

What's Wrong With a Roller Blind?

One of the challenges with conventional translucent or dimout roller blind is when they are down, they are down.

Just like the Grand Old Duke of York’s Men.

You know what we mean? – when you bring a roller blind down, you get privacy, but you can’t then see outside through the blind.

So how about a roller blind that lets you see the outside world? Even when the blind is down.

But also one which allows you to control privacy and glare?

Well, that precisely what the Silhouette blind from Luxaflex does.

Roller to Venetian

Think of the Silhouette blind as a roller blind that turns into a soft 75mm Venetian blind when it’s down over your window.

A Silhouette shade has soft rotating fabric vanes suspended between two sheer fabric layers.

A Silhouette shade will take harsh sunlight and transform it into soft, beautiful natural light in your room. Those soft 75mm vanes will diffuse and spread the incoming light evenly filtering out brightness, glare and UV rays.

Reduce the Heat from the Sun

There are also fabrics in the Silhouette range, which reduce the heat coming into your room by up to 25%, and they deflect and dim the sun’s powerful rays.

Protecting Your Soft Furnishings

Silhouette shades will provide up to 88% UV protection when the vanes are open. When you close the vanes, you can get up to 99% UV protection. UV light is what causes your floors and soft furnishings to fade over time.

Easy operation

You can operate your Silhouette shade by merely pulling on a cord. This single cord will control the raising and lowering of the blind, together with the tilting of the vanes.

Automated Silhouette Blinds

For the ultimate in ease of operation, your Silhouette shades can be operated automatically using a handheld controller, (called a Pebble), or from your Smartphone. Your Silhouette shades can also be programmed to work even when you’re not at home. 
Voice activation is also possible.

This is the amazing Luxaflex PowerView system for automatic blinds.